“Every human life has a story to tell. God made sure of that!”
–Phillip C. Wright

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Man Against Messiah Book Cover

I am very excited to announce my newest book, Man Against Messiah, The Sanhedrin Plot Against Jesus. It was released exclusively on on September 30, 2018.  It is available in Paperback for $14.99 or on all e-Book versions for $2.99. This book is 275 pages and filled with footnotes for references.

In this book, I discuss the life and times of Jesus based on the Bible and the works of religious scholars, researchers, authors, and spiritual teachers. The focus of this book is to show how Jesus, through his teachings, caused the members of the Sanhedrin great concern, as his followers began to increase, much more than any other of the many “false” Messiah’s who had come before him. Jesus was different, unlike most of the others, he did not encourage an uprising against the Romans who had conquered Jerusalem in 63 B.C., his threat was against the evil leaders of the Jews, the Sanhedrin, those he referred to when he spoke of the Scribes and Pharisees. He threatened their power over the Jews by questioning their lack of understanding of the scriptures, their pompous and prideful and phony pious that exalted them above others, often including the angels and prophets of old; his teachings of love, compassion and forgiveness, and his miracles of healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, feeding thousands with a few fishes and loaves of bread, and raising Lazarus from the dead, began turning the people toward Jesus and away from the Sanhedrin.

I recently acquired an 1886 English translation of the original French printing of Jesus Before the Sanhedrim (this was the spelling used in his English translation), written by a Jewish convert to Christianity, Augustin LéMann, and incorporated it into this publication to focus on the last days of Jesus.  Augustin LéMann’s book is now in the public domain. LéMann used sources including, The Talmud, the Tribunal of the Maccabees, the Greek text of the Gospels, by the historian Josephus, and in the rabbinical writings. I was particularly amazed at how most, but not all of these Sanhedrin judges in Israel, had no desire to find out if Jesus truly was the long sought-after Messiah and Son of God, as he claimed.

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Not Without Mercy, The Black Death
is book one in the Not Without Mercy series.

Several years ago, I abruptly woke from a deep sleep at the end of a brief but disturbing dream.  I dreamt that I was watching a scene unfold in the town of Bristol, England in the year 1348 during the Black Plague.  Prior to this dream, I had never given any thought to Bristol, England, and I knew very little about the Black Plague or life in the 14th century.

I appeared to be standing a few feet away from a large four post bed of a wealthy man in his late forties.  He was giving instructions to a younger man in his early twenties. He instructed the young man, “…take my wife and young son and daughter to safety, to my wife’s mother’s home in Cardiff, Wales.”  He told the young man that he would join them in a few days when he regained his strength. He then pointed to a large wooden trunk which the young man opened.  It was filled with gold coins and treasure.  He instructed the young man to take the trunk, the sum of his worldly possessions, with his family.  The young man looked at the treasure, and his heart turned to stone as he realized the treasure that sat before him would make him a rich man. He walked over to the wealthy man who was tired and weak from sickness.  He lifted a pillow and placed it over the man’s head and held it tightly until the man stopped struggling, and then died.  The young man lifted the trunk carried it outside amid a heavy rainstorm and loaded it onto the carriage.  He told the wealthy man’s wife that her husband had died, but prior to his death and with his last breath instructed him to take care of the family.

The dream was so real that for many days, I wondered if it was just a dream, or was it a vision, a glimpse into the last moments of a life of someone who was not just a figment of my imagination, but a real person who lived.  I could not get the scene out of my mind and eventually decided to write it down.  Years later the entire story unfolded to me, and it became my first novel.

Although the story changed over time as I began to write it, and the characters and their lives all came to life for me, I never forgot that dream and the impact it had on me.  It caused me to write the incredible story about the life of one man who struggled to save his family from certain death from the world’s most deadly killer of all time–the Black Plague.

As the Black Plague progressed throughout Europe and death became commonplace, it left two kinds of people, the faithful and the faithless.  The faithful drew closer to God and the faithless, wandered further away. Much of the land had fallen into moral malaise. Not Without Mercy The Black Death is a novel about life, faith, family, love, courage, hope, and redemption.  While the lives of millions were cut short, most of those who survived re-discovered the sanctity of life, the importance of love, the strength derived from courage, the power of faith, the endurance of hope and the joy of redemption. William was a man of faith, honor, and integrity.  He would do whatever it took to protect and save his family from the plague. His wife Jillian, embodied love, gentleness and ardent charity. Michael, their adopted son, changed their lives for better, and for worse.

I do not believe our lives are predestined to some predetermined outcome, and that we have no choice in the matter. I believe that our agency, next to life, is the greatest gift God has given us. God gives us life and agency, what we do with it is our destiny.

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Book Two in the Not Without Mercy series

Not Without Mercy, The Passage Home is book two in the Not Without Mercy series.

I assume that you have already read book one, if not, put this book down and get a copy of book one and read it first!  There are too many characters and too much storyline to simply pick everything up in book two.

I assume that you have already read book one, if not, put this book down and get a copy of book one and read it first!  There are too many characters and too much storyline to simply pick everything up in book two.

I truly enjoyed seeing William and Michael grow with the many experiences and difficulties that were forced upon them. Somehow, William kept his unwavering faith, even during some of the most perilous and challenging trials life could give. Yet, Michael being thrust into adulthood by taking on the responsibility of his family with the absence of William reacted much differently.  Although his challenges were different than those of William, as things got worse, his faith wavered and nearly crumbled under great pressure. But something remarkable happens to Michael in book two. And William and Jillian, kindred spirits, have such a strong spiritual connection that time and space cannot keep them apart. The Passage Home completes the journey of this remarkable family, as it reminds them that there is nothing more important than family.

For William, Jillian, Michael, and many others of the day, life was fragile; time was short, death surrounded them on every side. Yet even in the most terrifying moments, they knew that God had left them Not Without Mercy.

Phillip C. Wright


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  • Book three in the Not Without Mercy series, REDEMPTION, will be released in 2019!
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  • A new fiction novel, Time and Time Again, will be released in 2020.
  • A new fiction novel, The Beginning, will be released in 2020.